P4 64x32px scan 16 LED matrix module Spec

  • Pixel(resolution): 64×32
  • Scan num: 16
  • Pitch: 4mm
  • Size: 10 in x 5 in
  • Signal socket: HUB75
  • Drive ic: universal double buff
  • Line code: 3-8 decode
  • Power input: DC 5V
  • Brightness: max 1200 CD
  • power consumption: max 12W

ESP8266 controls the LED matrix

connect pin table


  1. Connect esp8266 and led matrix as shown above
  2. install Arduino app
  3. add PxMatrix library
  4. modify code to match the matrix
  5. upload codes to esp8266 to run

Download link

  1. Arduino app https://www.arduino.cc/en/software
  2. PxMatrix library:https://github.com/hillsun192/PxMatrix


  • 2domDominic Buchstaller, his GitHub repo: PxMatrix – LED matrix panel driver for ESP8266, ESP32 and ATMEL
  • read more

    If you want to repair the LED sign

    You need to open the back cover to see if the controller is working, or if the power supply is working. Then, I will send you the replacement part.

    Tutorial: Open the back cover


    The indicator of LED Sign

    Note: Please send the product model No., size, resolution to hillsun192@gmail.com, If no this information, take the photo of the label on the back of LED sign

    How to upload program to LED sign

    There are mainly two ways to upload programs for the LED signs: USB drive and Wi-Fi. Firstly, USB drive. It has many different names, U disk=USB flash drive=USB disk=USB thumb drive. USB drive is used as a tool to move programs from the computer to the LED display, which is very convenient to use. But it still needs a computer to generate the program, and the software used to design the program in the industry can only run on Microsoft’s Windows version, so you must have a computer. Note that the software does not support Apple’s MAC, nor does Google’s Chromebook. read more

    User note: Free programs and USB drive

    After purchasing my LED sign, I can design a free program for you. I will show you the video that is displaying your program in 7 days. If you are not satisfied, I can modify it.

    After the design is completed, send you some files, copy them to the USB drive (in the product box), and then insert it into the LED panel.

    You can use computer, MAC, laptop, Chromebook and other devices that support USB DRIVE to copy files.

    If need USB drive with programs, need 20 days shipping time, the USB drive and shipping cost are $10. read more

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