SIFI05P19264-HD User note V2.0 Sep 2018

Thank you for buying our LED sign!

This note is for buyers who purchased after September 8, 2018.
Before you use it, some notes need to know.
1. We have sent a program to the LED sign, so after you power on, waiting 10 seconds, it will show Ad.
2. The sign boot time about 10 seconds, please Wait patiently, during this period, the sign is no show anything.
3. The sign input power is AC 110/220v, available in most countries.
4. Uploading messages/images, please use the thumb drive, item package contains an 8G thumb drive. Please use the well-known brands such as Toshiba, Kingston, and SanDisk and so on. Some poor quality thumb drive may not be compatible with the sign.
5. We recommended hang mode to mount sign, item package also contains accessories required for the mount.
6. How to make the contents of the display, please read the manual/tutorial.
7. Software and Guide/manual/tutorial, please scan the below QR code.

Download link:

Tutorial1: How to put images to the LED Sign?

Tutorial2: How to make scrolling words to the LED Sign?

software manual

All in one dowload:
8. When you run software HD player, need select device type and set resolution. Please record:
Device Type: D10
Resolution:192×64 ,192 is width,64 is height
9. White background images are not recommended, Easy heating, shorten service life.
10. Don’t import too many video files, the length of each video is less than 30 seconds, 15’s is best.
11. Power off sign daily, to avoid more than 24 hours power on.

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