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Common problems on the U disk

We sell programmable sign, are using the U disk to upload the show to the sign, but I found that many buyers are confused about the role and use of U disk. Finishing several common questions, to facilitate buyers to solve the problem.

U disk is USB Flash drive, an external flash drive, small enough to carry on a key ring, that can be used with any computer that has a USB port.
Now led sign use U disk to upload the program, Note that it is “upload”, not “store”.
Program of the sign is edited on the computer, then transport program into the sign with U disk, U disk is a transport tool. After U disk is inserted, the sign read it, meantime display “Updating…” on LED panel.When reading finish, Sign display new program from U disk, At this time, please remove U disk.

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P13 full color 7224 factory program is here

factory program download:

1.format your u disk.
2.extract attached file,copy “F70DCON.LED” and “LEDF70D.DAT” two files(in folder copy2udisk) to u disk.
3.insert u disk into the sign, you can watch factory program. HW LED SHOW software.
5.manu: file-open, then find ledsign.mcp,open the HW LEDSHOW project file.(in folder /proj_edit_message/) can revise the HW LED SHOW project, after revising, export to u disk.

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Upload program use LAN mode

Upload program use LAN mode



1. First, to disassemble the sign, read here.



2. The cable meets the cat5e standard568B standard.


3. Insert the LAN cable as shown in the picture

There are 2 LAN ports on the controller,
Can only be inserted in the LAN Near usb port.


4Plug the other end of the LAN cable into your computer network port


5Turn off windows firewall

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