Frequently Asked Questions of the U disk

We sell programmable sign, are using the U disk to upload the show to the sign, but I found that many buyers are confused about the role and use of U disk. Finishing several common questions, to facilitate buyers to solve the problem.

U disk is USB Flash drive, an external flash drive, small enough to carry on a key ring, that can be used with any computer that has a USB port.
Now led sign use U disk to upload the program, Note that it is “upload”, not “store”.
Program of the sign is edited on the computer, then transport program into the sign with U disk, U disk is a transport tool. After U disk is inserted, the sign read it, meantime display “Updating…” on LED panel.When reading finish, Sign display new program from U disk, At this time, please remove U disk.

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P13 full color 7224 factory program is here

factory program download:

1.format your u disk.
2.extract attached file,copy “F70DCON.LED” and “LEDF70D.DAT” two files(in folder copy2udisk) to u disk.
3.insert u disk into the sign, you can watch factory program. HW LED SHOW software.
5.manu: file-open, then find ledsign.mcp,open the HW LEDSHOW project file.(in folder /proj_edit_message/) can revise the HW LED SHOW project, after revising, export to u disk.

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