How to setup LEDGO software?

How to setup LEDGO software?

April 4, 2016


LEDGO is a LED sign content editing software, you can edit text, pictures, animation, video and other materials, generate  display content  and send to the LED sign. LEDGO applies to the windows operating system, supports win7, win8, win10.

This article describes how to install the LEDGO to the computer

Step1 cilck LEDgo setup package.

Step2 run anyway

Step3 User Account Control,click yes

Step4 Select English

Step5 select your destination location,then next

Step6 LEDGO copy files to your computer,then setup compleate

Step7 LEDGO needs Microsoft .net framework,some computer may download and install it…If your computer has installed the software,please ignore this step

Step8 Find LEDGO icon on your computer desktop,you can run it now.


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