How to make Jpg display of LED sign?

How to make Jpg display of LED sign?

April 4, 2016


LEDGO is a LED sign content editing software, you can edit text, pictures, animation, video and other materials, generate  display content  and send to the LED sign. The software is divided into the material area, the preview area, the list area. Material area can be set up display effect , display time. Be able to directly enter text, loading picture files, animation and video files, support the picture format JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, support video files are MP4, MPG, AVI, FLV, WMV, also supports SWF file recording function. List area can be set up different programs, each program can have a different display area, different programs can appear at the same time on the LED sign, the program can also set the timing play. The preview area is used to simulate the display of LED sign.

Please prepare your U disk, because the display content is sent through the Udisk to LEDsign

Udisk is the most convenient way to send LEDsign content.

Please see artice”How to send content to LED sign”

Ebay buying guide website:

First, you need to format Udisk

Please select the file system for FAT32.

Please setup LEDGO software

Please see artice“How to setup LEDGO software?”

Please run LEDGO

User Account Control select yes,then LEDGO is run.

Save old program Befor create new program

If you have created a program before, you may need to save it first.For new user,please ignore this step.

Resize your LED sign pixel width and height

Inside the red line,you can modify the width and height of LED sign. For example 192×64,please follow the actual size.

Create file display window

In new window menu,select file,file display window can import picture,animation(gif,swf)and video file. Click red circle in the second chart,expand the window to full LED sign.

Import the Jpg/BMP/PNG file you are ready

Please use other software to make JPG picture, such as Adobe photoshop software. Click img icon,import your jpg file in your computer. Other static picture,bmp,gif,png etc also can be imported.

Set parameter of jpg

Main parameter

Halte time:picture display time on sign

Effect entry:picture display effect

Speed:picture effect change speed

Preview it in red line area

Save program

Send to udisk

Click To Udisk icon

Select your Udisk letter.

Finally,insert Udisk into LED sign

Watching LED sign,show Udisk updating……,when it disappeared,sending is success.

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