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HW LEDShow user guide


Jul 16,2017

HW LEDShow is a color LEDSIGN text editing software, it can edit LEDSIGN display text AD.

There are two ways to enter text, Subtitle and TEXT .The Subtitle is mainly scrolling message, words are more, is usually a sentence or a few sentences, like scrolling TEXT news on TV screens. The TEXT is simple words, such as beer, pizza, coffee… Usually one or two words. Main difference between Subtitle and TEXT is display mode, TEXT can support more effect, but it can’t scroll to move to the left.

Befor making program, Please format your udisk.

Please select FAT32

The following shows how to create a program step by step.

  1. find_HW LEDShow software.

  • 1.extract all.

  • 2.select destination.

  • 3.run HW_LED Show application.

  • 4.user account control,click yes.

  • 5. HW_software main interface

  • 6.click_screen parameters.

  • 7.set screen parameter,as picture.

8a.set sreenparameter advanced OE polarity

9.click ok to finish screen parameter.

10.Pixel is 72×24,software interface.

11. add_subtitle.

12.you can change text window size to 72×24,click fill all icon,red rectangle

13.input your text.

14. Center align.

15.Larger text size to fill window,
Repeat until the text fills the entire window

16.select text then click random color.Or select color from Fore color.

17.Add second program.

18.add subtitle

19.fill all window

20.input text “Welcome”

21.select baclground color

22.select text display method.

23.preview your text,click “play” icon.

24.export text to u disk.

25. select u disk path,click Export.

26.Insert u disk into sign.”USB”and “OK” indicate your program has been copied to the sign inside.


Common mistakes:

Each text/subtitle needs to create a program


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