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fix problem:the last frame of video to stay on panel 1 second

The problem is that the video load takes time, causing a black screen or the last frame to stay. There is a way to solve it,after video insert a picture in same files window, the picture can be a black picture or your LOGO, can eliminate the screen stay.

the following link is a example program,download and unzip it,then open by LEDGO software,send the program to udisk,test it.

U disk is the role of uploading programs

U disk is USB Flash drive,an external flash drive, small enough to carry on a key ring, that can be used with any computer that has a USB port.

Now led sign  use U disk to upload the program,Note that it is “upload”, not “store”.

Program of sign  is  edited on the computer, then transport program  into the sign with U disk,U disk is a transport tool . After U disk is inserted ,sign read it, meantime display “Updating…” on LED panel.When reading finish,Sign display new program from U disk,At this time, please remove U disk. read more