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Notification of color distortion of some products

Dear Buyer:
Due to the wrong configuration when upgrading the control system, some products are distorted in color, please see the sample picture.

The left welcome image below is in the factory program, the color is wrong.

If you have made your program, please verify it with a green or blue image

The blue word “CAKE” is displayed in green and the color of the coffee cup changes from brown to purple.
Don’t worry, you can fix this bug yourself, just import the correct parameters into the sign, just need to operate once.
Just 3 steps to correct the configuration.
1. Format your USB flash drive(u disk), select fat32 file system.
2. Download the config file, unzip it, and copy the folder named HDPlayerUsbExport to u disk. Note: Copy the folder “HDPlayerUsbExport” and the files inside.
3. Plug in first, then turns on the power, wait for the screen color to adjust and then pull it out.
I am sorry, Thanks for cooperation! read more

SIRI10H3216 LED Sign Demo Program

This is Demo project of SIRI10H3216, include X Show software’s klp file,u disk data, and tutorial on making a program.

Copy u disk’ files to your u disk, as the picture shows. You can upload a program to sign without software. This file is also used to restore to normal programs when you upload a wrong program. Download it,click here.

klp file is X Show’s project file. if a user can’t use X show, open the klp file by x show, he can modify the text inside, click here to download. read more