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How to send a HDS file to LED Sign-39″x7.6″ P5 LED Sign

The article is an instruction of How to send an HDS file to LED Sign. The HDS is a hardware setting file of LED Sign, if losing it, the LED sign does not display correctly.

Not all LED Sign can use the instruction, if the article is not sent to you by the seller, please confirm with the seller to see if you can use it.

There are two ways to send the HDS file to the sign, USB memory Disk, and WiFi.

Method1: USB Memory Disk

Step1: Format your USB memory drive to FAT32(U disk)
Step2: Extract the ZIP file, get 5 files
Step3: Copy these 5 files to U disk, NOT copy folder!
Step4: Plug in U disk to the sign and Power on
Step5: Plug out U disk when the screen display”OK” read more