Monthly Archives: January 2020

Images are distortion and texts are not legible.

Today, A buyer send message to me, he said:
Hello, I received the sign and uploaded my pictures and text for displays, but images are distortion and texts are not legible. I’m not happy with the display quality, how do you want to handle this?

His LED Sign

I can’t see what he was displaying, the picture lost too many pixels. Right side texts are also bad, can’t see what text was.

The LED Sign is not TV, its resolution only 128×64,(TV =1920×1080), when pictures that looked good on a computer appear on the LED sign, they are distorted, incomplete, small. Buyers need to design the program instead of only copying a picture from the computer.
For the pictures on the computer, they need to be cropped, and only a part of their details can be displayed. You need to preview them on the software, and you can see them clearly before sending them to the LED. For text, two lines are displayed on one screen, which can be clearly seen. If there are many texts, it will be displayed in several segments and displayed sequentially.
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