14″x7.6″ 27″x7.6″ P5 rainbow color scrolling texts LED sign User Notices

Thanks for purchasing the product, please read the instructions carefully.
The instructions are for SI7F05P6432A SI7F05P12832A.


The LED sign editor software is FK show, click the following link, then on new window click ‘Download anyway’ to download it.

USB disk factory folder

The folder is used for creating the project on your computer, it is important. You copy it to USB disk, then use FK software read back to your computer, change texts, write to USB again, finally upload to the LED sign. The folder had been saved in USB disk in the package, You only download it when you lose it.

Read Instructions to learn how to use
Indoor sign 14″x7.6″ P5 SI7F05P6432A    SI7F05P6432B
Window sign 14″x7.6″ P5 SI7F05H6432A SI7F05H6432B    SI7F05H6432C
Indoor sign 27″x7.6″ P5 SI7F05P12832A SI7F05P12832B
Window sign 27x”7.6″ P5 SI7F05H12832A SI7F05H12832B

Ask seller to make programs

The seller can make programs for you for free.

Paper instructions

These instructions are the electronic version of the instructions in the package for reading before buying.
Tip: You can preview it in your browser, and click the button in the upper right corner to download it when it loads slowly.
1: LED sign interface figure and Guide of Power on.
2: How to change texts of LED sign with FK show.
3:Ask seller to make programs
4.User notices

Tutorial link

Tutorial1: Install FK Show
Tutorial2: How to modify texts.
Tutorial3: Add new program.

The following is Tutorial1. The embedded window is convenient for buyers to watch on their mobile phones.

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