• I’m Ric.
    1 When resetting a control card, does all the info from a HD Player stay or will I have to reinstall HDPlayer?
    2 Are D10, D15 all universal and have a reset button them ?

    My current problem:

    I can only send 1 program at one time viewing on display.
    A month ago, I was able to send up to 5 programs from the HDPlayer with out any problem.
    I feel the HDP software is operating correctly.
    I have already tried importing an .SSX file ( fix file) for resetting the D15 card I have.

    • If you reset the control card, the LED panel information saved in it will be cleared, and you need to send the LED panel to the controller.
      How to create and send LED panel information, please contact me via email.
      The reset buttons on D10 and D15 are in different positions.
      the problem “I can only send 1 program at one time viewing on display.”,I need to analyze the files in the USB drive.
      You can sent USB drive files to my email: hillsun192@gmail.com

  • I tried to set it up as a station connecting to our existing network and now I cannot connect to it with LED Art app. Please help. I can’t find a way to reinitialize the device.

  • problem with my d10 card is,lost the sample patterns on it. I mean before programing there will have some built-in patterns right?, by that we can check the LED tiles. I tried several times to reset it , no use. By this no any programs are displayed. This is happened by my wrong hardware setups. I don’t know to recover it please help me solve this problem.
    Thank you.

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