User note: Free programs and USB drive

After purchasing my LED sign, I can design a free program for you. I will show you the video that is displaying your program in 7 days. If you are not satisfied, I can modify it.

After the design is completed, send you some files, copy them to the USB drive (in the product box), and then insert it into the LED panel.

You can use computer, MAC, laptop, Chromebook and other devices that support USB DRIVE to copy files.

If need USB drive with programs, need 20 days shipping time, the USB drive and shipping cost are $10.

Please tell me your requirements. Or Just answer the question according to my list.

  1. If there is a logo in use, please send it to me.
  2. If you want to display a product/service, please provide its picture.
  3. Prepare a sentence or words to describe your item/store/business.
  4. It is best to provide a picture of the item you sold. Only text will look monotonous.

There are some programs I designed,please watch:
6.Hair salon

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