Why did the screen say “Device Does Not Match”?

When you run software HDPlayer, you need to select the correct device type and set resolution. Don’t select others, it will go wrong. The screen will say “Device Does Not Match”
Device Type: see your tutorial or User note
Resolution: see your tutorial or User note


  • Hope you can help me! I use LEDArt to control our LED display. Worked fine for ages, but suddenly I have a problem.

    Our display is “C15 192 x 96”. But I now get the “no matching devices” error.

    If I look at the devices detected in the network, I find it, but it shows the screen as being 128×128.

    In other words, it appears that the LED screen is wrongly reporting the resolution – hence no match.

    Any idea how I can get the hardware to correctly report the size of the screen it is connected to?

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