How to upload program to LED sign

There are mainly two ways to upload programs for the LED signs: USB drive and Wi-Fi. Firstly, USB drive. It has many different names, U disk=USB flash drive=USB disk=USB thumb drive. USB drive is used as a tool to move programs from the computer to the LED display, which is very convenient to use. But it still needs a computer to generate the program, and the software used to design the program in the industry can only run on Microsoft’s Windows version, so you must have a computer. Note that the software does not support Apple’s MAC, nor does Google’s Chromebook.

The second method is wi-fi to upload programs. There are two scenarios. The first is to use a laptop or a computer with a wi-fi module. This method is the same as the operation method of the USB drive, except that it does not need to use the USB drive and is suitable for hanging LED signs at a high position.

The last method is to use your mobile phone to upload your programs have used several apps and found that compared with the software of computers, the following problems are common:

1. The mobile phone screen is small, and it is more difficult and slower to complete text input on the mobile phone than on the computer

2. The operating distance is very short, you need to be close to the screen, usually 5-10 meters.

3. For various sign settings, text layout, color, and size, it is much more difficult to choose on a mobile phone than on a computer, and it is too easy to click wrong.

4. Send photos on the phone directly to the screen, and you will know that this is not a good idea, the picture is too small to see clearly. If you want to display a good picture on the LED screen, you need to crop the picture to fit the small size of the pixel.

Sum up: It is very convenient to send a small amount of text with the mobile phone, which is more convenient than the computer. If you want more complicated text, such as displaying 2 lines, it is more difficult, so it is not as easy to use on a computer.

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