Instruction for P3 LED matrix connect ESP32 module

  • Scan number: 32
  • Pitch: 3mm
  • Size: 7.56 in x 7.56 in(192mm x 192mm)
  • Signal socket: HUB75
  • Drive ic: universal double buff
  • Line code: 3-8 decode
  • Power input: DC 5V
  • Brightness: max 1200 CD
  • power consumption: max 12W

I designed the kit for ESP32 linking LED matrix HUB75, or you need manually connect ESP32 to hub75e.


Refer to the '*default-pins.hpp' file within the applicable platforms
#define R1_PIN 25
#define G1_PIN 26
#define B1_PIN 27
#define R2_PIN 14
#define G2_PIN 12
#define B2_PIN 13
#define A_PIN 23
#define B_PIN 19
#define C_PIN 5
#define D_PIN 17
#define E_PIN 32 // required for 1/32 scan panels, like 64x64px. Any available pin would do, i.e. IO32
#define LAT_PIN 4
#define OE_PIN 15
#define CLK_PIN 16

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