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39″x14″ P4 LED Sign User Note

Thank you for buying the  LED sign!

The user note is for SWFI04P24080 

Before you use it, some notes need to know.
1. Software and Guide, manual, tutorial is here, you also can scan the QR code to get the download link.
software manual:

2. When you run software HDplayer, need to select device type and set resolution. Please record: Don’t select others, it will go wrong.
Device Type: D10
Resolution: 240×80, 240 is Length,80 is Width
When connect sign with Wifi,
WiFi name:D10-xx-xxxxxx
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The resolution of the LED SIGN is very low

Some buyers said “The resolution of the LED SIGN is very low”, I want to return. Why? They think the LED sign is a display device like TV set.

To new buyer: Compare with TV set, the resolution of LED Sign is very low, 39″x14″ P5 LED Sign resolution is 192×64, however,TV set and LCD monitor high as 1920×1080,see below pictures:

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