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The resolution of the LED SIGN is very low

Some buyers said “The resolution of the LED SIGN is very low”, I want to return. Why? They think the LED sign is a display device like TV set.

To new buyer: Compare with TV set, the resolution of LED Sign is very low, 39″x14″ P5 LED Sign resolution is 192×64, however,TV set and LCD monitor high as 1920×1080,see below pictures:

HW LEDShow user guide

HW LEDShow user guide


Nov 20,2016

HW LEDShow is a color LEDSIGN text editing software, it can edit LEDSIGN display text AD.

There are two ways to enter text, Subtitle and TEXT .The Subtitle is mainly scrolling message, words are more, is usually a sentence or a few sentences, like scrolling TEXT news on TV screens. The TEXT is simple words, such as beer, pizza, coffee… Usually one or two words. Main difference between Subtitle and TEXT is display mode, TEXT can support more effect, but it can’t scroll to move to the left.
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