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LED Sign First Use Note- SIFI13P7224

LED Sign First Use Note

(SIFI13P7224) May 16,2017

Dear customer:

Thank you for purching my LED sign!
Before you ues it,some notes need to know.

We have sent a text program to the LED sign, so after you power on ,waiting 5 secend ,it will show program.
The sign input power is AC 110/220v,available in most countries.
Update sign content,please use udisk.

Please use the well-known brands such as Toshiba, Kingston, Sandisk and so on. Some poor quality udisk may not be compatible with the sign. read more

How to setup LEDGO software?

How to setup LEDGO software?

April 4, 2016


LEDGO is a LED sign content editing software, you can edit text, pictures, animation, video and other materials, generate  display content  and send to the LED sign. LEDGO applies to the windows operating system, supports win7, win8, win10.

This article describes how to install the LEDGO to the computer

Step1 cilck LEDgo setup package.

Step2 run anyway

Step3 User Account Control,click yes

Step4 Select English

read more