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ESP32 control LED matrix-Arduino IDE settings

ESP32 module Schematic DataSheet

You need to configure Arduino IDE software to use the GitHub project ESP32-HUB75-MatrixPanel-DMA.

Step1, add 3 libraries, two from Adafruit, one is ESP32:

Copy to IDE and search

Step2, add esp32 board, copy the below URL, and paste it into the software

Before you download the program, you need to install the USB driver

If you want to repair the LED sign

You need to open the back cover to see if the controller is working, or if the power supply is working. Then, I will send you the replacement part.

Tutorial: Open the back cover

The indicator of LED Sign

Note: Please send the product model No., size, resolution to, If no this information, take the photo of the label on the back of LED sign

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