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SIRI10H3216 LED Sign Demo Program

This is Demo project of SIRI10H3216, include X Show software’s klp file,u disk data, and tutorial on making a program.

Copy u disk’ files to your u disk, as the picture shows. You can upload a program to sign without software. This file is also used to restore to normal programs when you upload a wrong program. Download it,click here.

klp file is X Show’s project file. if a user can’t use X show, open the klp file by x show, he can modify the text inside, click here to download. read more

How to import many pictures in LEDGO

Some buyers encounter “windows overlay” error message,the reason is that more than two display windows are placed in the same area.As the picture shows when two text windows are put in a program  LEDGO software popup message” windows overlay”, It means you can not show two windows in the same area at the same time.The solution is to put 2 windows in 2 different programs.

We have a better way to display multiple images as the picture shows,Use the file window can import many pictures.These images are played in order of import. read more

only display part of your program SIFI05P19264

Several buyers recently reported that the display is broken, The reason is the resolution setting is not correct, resulting in some of the screens does not display content.
important hint: need to set the program’s resolution and image/text window resolution,Can only be set to 192×64.If the error resolution is set, only display part of your program, the other part of the screen does not display or display uncontrolled content.

led sign resolution

led sign resolution

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