LED Sign First Use Note SIFI05P19264

The note expired in Sep 2018, any question, contact hillsun192@gmail.com

LED Sign First Use Note

(SIFI05P19264) Jul 02, 2018

Dear customer:

Thank you for buying our LED sign!
Before you use it, some notes need to know.

  • We have sent a gif program to the LED sign, so after you power on, waiting for 60 seconds, it will show gif program.SIGN show please watching the following youtube video!
  • The sign boot time about 55 seconds, please Wait patiently, During this period, the sign is no show anything.
  • How to make the contents of the display, please read usage guide.(This is video online)
  • Upload sign content, please use udisk, item package contains a 8G udisk. Please use the well-known brands such as Toshiba, Kingston, Sandisk and so on. Some poor quality udisk may not be compatible with the sign.
  • We recommended hang mode to mount sign, item package also contains accessories required for mounting. please read usage guide:
    How to mount LED sign behind of window?All guide is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b7ihzvwj8jtao6b/guide-3914-p5.zip?dl=0
  • All usage guide and software, you can find it in udisk of accessories.
  • The LED sign use Sheen LED panel controller, software is LEDGO, Download it, https://www.dropbox.com/s/7882evh8f7q77ls/LedGo_V2.6.6.zip?dl=0
  • The sign input power is AC 110/220v, available in most countries.
  • Do not use a white color background picture, white color will generate a lot of heat.
  • Do not put a lot of video files,the length of each video is less than 30 seconds,15‘s is best.
  • Close sign daily, to avoid more than 24 hours power on.
  • If you have idea, but can’t make a program, I am happy to help you.I will email program to you, you only copy program file to udisk, then insert it into the sign, do not use the software.
  • read more

    HW LEDShow user guide-3914_P13

    HW LEDShow user guide


    Jul 16,2017

    HW LEDShow is a color LEDSIGN text editing software, it can edit LEDSIGN display text AD.

    There are two ways to enter text, Subtitle and TEXT .The Subtitle is mainly scrolling message, words are more, is usually a sentence or a few sentences, like scrolling TEXT news on TV screens. The TEXT is simple words, such as beer, pizza, coffee… Usually one or two words. Main difference between Subtitle and TEXT is display mode, TEXT can support more effect, but it can’t scroll to move to the left.
    read more

    How to send content to LED sign

    What is LED sign?

    LED sign is a new sign content can be edited, can display pictures animation, short video. Especially can play commercial advertising, display Business Hours, phone number, etc.. On the back of the shop windows, facing the street, can attract pedestrians into the store shopping.  LED sign 3914 p5

    Udisk is the most convenient

    Display the contents change of LED sign generally have several means of communication, which is between the computer and the LED sign communication mode, they are RS232, Ethernet(LAN), Udisk .This three ways, the first 2 methods need wiring, Udisk does not require wiring. LAN is the fastest sending, RS232 is an old method, but the modern computer is not the RS232 interface. This article introduces the way of Udisk, is also the most convenient, just need to prepare a Udisk.

    Only 3 step

    Udisk is equivalent to a handling tool, the data from the computer to carry on the sign LED. So the first step to plug Udisk in to a computer, The second step is using software to copy display contents  into the Udisk. The third step is  pulling down  Udisk from the computer then plug into the LED sign, LED sign will automatically read the Udisk, displayed, so three step, it is very simple.


    Udisk inserted into the computer. Udisk insert computer Udisk insert computer


    Using software to copy display contents  into the Udisk.


    Udisk inserted into LED sign. Udisk insert LED sign Udisk insert LED sign


    Before using the Udisk need to format, file system, please select the FAT32 mode, if it is NTFS,LED  sign  may not be recognized.

    Ending,please enjoy it!

    Insert the LED sign Udisk, takes about 30 seconds to read the data, please wait patiently, LED sign will show Udisk updating…… will delete the contents of the original display. Read after the completion, and shows the contents of the Udisk.
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