14×7.6in Rainbow Programmable LED Sign Display Store Ad


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Product highlights
1. This is an indoor sign hanging in the window, its content is programmable, you can enter your store name and slogan.
2. Very light,weight 1.2kg, use u disk to change the program.
3. There is a switch above, you can shut down, do not need to unplug the power cord to shut down.
4. Support scrolling words, you can store a lot of programs.
5.High brightness, cheap, easy to operate.
6.software is free.
7.step by step guide video, learning to how to design your AD.

Usage note
1. This product is for indoor use, Do not use in the sunlight and rain!
2. If never used may not work, power on every 4 weeks.
3. Shut down for a few hours every day, this service life will be very long.




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